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Literature has long been used as a subversive way to criticise political systems, leaders and societal norms.


Real Life Literary Locations

While we can still travel via literature, I thought I’d compile a list of real life places you can visit which appear in some of the books on sale at William Shakesbeer.


Five Reads for Euro 2021 Widows/Widowers

Whether you’ve got the UEFA app on your mobile, or you want to punch the next person you hear singing, “Football’s Coming Home,” there’s no denying it’s difficult to avoid this particular football tournament during the month of June.


The Biological Smartphone

Remember the days when you had a mobile phone but sometimes left it at home, on purpose?


Bookworm Heaven

One thing that I truly miss about living in England is visiting the public library.


Five Fun Facts About Jacqueline Wilson

Who doesn’t love a good children’s book? Here are five fun facts about the much-loved children’s author, Jacquline Wilson.


Self Care

Happiness can be an elusive concept at the best of times, never mind a year into a pandemic.


Cultural Confusion

Sometimes I feel like the longer I live in Spain, the more it confuses me.


¡Happy World Book Day / Dia de San Jorge / San Jordi!

So, April 23rd is World Book Day, first started by UNESCO in 1995.


Ten Reasons Why Reading is Good For You

Why would anyone do something so archaic as reading a good-old-fashioned-book?


English books &
craft beer in Valencia