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Top Ten Places to Read a Book in Valencia

So, now that you’ve purchased a real life book, where to go and enjoy it?


Travelling Books

No, I don’t mean which books you would take on your travels (if only! Travel, remember that?) Instead, I mean books which have allowed you to travel.


Five Facts About Mary Wollstonecraft

Spurred on by International Women’s Day yesterday, this week’s blog post is about Mary Wollstonecraft. I am not sure how I reached my mid-twenties knowing almost nothing about this trailblazing woman.



Can you remember reading a book by a particular author for the first time and being hooked? Being so taken in by their writing that you wondered where their books had been hiding all your life?


Children’s Books

I LOVE children’s books. It’s not that I (often) read them, but just picking one up takes me to a place of magic.


Five Fun Facts about Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl: undoubtedly one of the most influential, memorable writers of the Twentieth Century. He had a special talent for understanding a child’s perspective (one of the reasons I loved him).


Guilty Pleasures

We all have a guilty pleasure; whether it’s a cheese burger when you’re trying to reduce your meat intake; a Baileys coffee after lunch or that lipstick you just have to buy (but don’t need). For me, it’s quality dark chocolate. But there is something else…


Launch Day

It’s finally here: William Shakesbeer’s first, official day online! We are so excited to finally have our large selection of quality, second-hand English books available to you.


The Vampire Genre

Dracula, Angel, LeStat, Eric Northman, Edward Cullen. Who’s your vampire of choice? At William Shakesbeer, we have a selection of second-hand English books for you to enjoy, and you can find many of your favourite vampires hiding here!



No, not Michael Jackson. That genre of book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and sends your heart hammering when your mobile rings. Personally, I’m just way too wired to read or watch this genre. However, the continuous stream of thrillers populating best-seller lists can only mean one thing: people love to feel the fear.


English books &
craft beer in Valencia