Children’s Books

By: Nicola
Posted: 24th February 2021
Category: Children's Books

I LOVE children’s books. It’s not that I (often) read them, but just picking one up takes me to a place of magic. The colourful covers, large pages and dreamy illustrations all draw me in. Suddenly I feel lighter and I can escape all the uncertainty of the pandemic, becoming absorbed in the pages of a story book.

Ten years ago I worked as the librarian at an international Primary School in Prague. I loved being in my little attic library, welcoming the children; helping them to explore the English books. I read George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl to one group, letting myself get carried away with different voices for different characters. The kids were enthralled, and it was then that I realised, as an adult, the sparking of the imagination that reading and books can ignite for children.

So you can imagine why I am so excited now, working my way through the several boxes of children’s books in English that we have at William Shakesbeer. A few are already on the website but there are plenty more kids’ books on their way. We have a great selection of English books in Valencia for all ages: from tiny tots up to teens. Whether you want to re-live an old childhood favourite, buy a gift or find some new bedtime stories, we have something for you. Keep checking our website for the latest additions.