Launch Day

By: Nicola
Posted: 08th February 2021
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It’s finally here: William Shakesbeer’s first, official day online! We are so excited to finally have our large selection of quality, second-hand English books available to you.

It has been a year since the 1500 books first arrived on our doorstep and we began cataloguing them and building the website. Like everyone, we’ve had current world events to contend with, but we kept working towards our goal and now we have reached launch day!

With curfews and closures here in Valencia, now is the perfect time to start browsing our range of genres to while away the evenings. Whether you want your spine tingling with a thriller; your heart warming with a romance, or you simply want to escape into somebody else’s world for a while; William Shakesbeer has something for you. For those of you who want to be inspired, we have a range of non-fiction too; from biographies to cookery, there’s something for everyone. We even have a small selection of brand new fiction books.

Books are dispatched throughout Spain using Correos standard delivery. If you live in Valencia and can’t wait to start reading (and save a couple of Euros) you can opt to collect your books from The Espanista on Calle Borrull. You can also pick up some quality vino or gourmet Spanish food while you’re there and really treat yourself for your night in!

So what are you waiting for? We’ve got classics, contemporary fiction, thrillers, crime, romance and sagas to name a few. Welcome to William Shakesbeer!