The Black Candle - Catherine Cookson

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The Black Candle

The Black Candle - Catherine Cookson

Yorkshire, 1880s

At nineteen years old, Bridget Dean Mordaunt inherits her father’s candle and blacking factories. Determined to restore the businesses to their former glory, by the time she turns twenty-three she is running them as confidently as any man.

But despite her success, trouble is looming.

When the devious Lionel Filmore enters Bridget’s family life, hoping to marry into her hard-earned wealth, she has to use all of her strength and ingenuity to keep her family together.

Then, when young Lily Whitmore comes to her after her husband – an overseer in one of Bridget’s factories – has wrongly been tried for his brother’s murder, Bridget has no choice but to help. If Lily’s husband didn’t kill his brother, who did?

The decisions Bridget makes will shape the lives of generations to come.

Can her family overcome the darkness of the past to find new happiness?

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