Two Women - Martina Cole

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Two Women

Two Women - Martina Cole

Prison will make or break you…

Danger and violence have always been a part of Susan Dalston’s East End upbringing, but being locked up with another murderess will have consequences that no one could have predicted. TWO WOMEN by Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller Martina Cole tells the truth about prison life, and how far one woman will go for justice…

Susan Dalston killed her husband in a final act of desperation.

Banged up in Holloway, all that keeps her sane is knowing that her children are now safe from the man who terrorised them. What she can’t predict is that the bonds she forms on the inside might just make – or break – her.

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  • Author: Martina Cole
  • Categories: ,
  • ISBN: 9780755350575
  • Publisher: HEADLINE
  • Publication Date: Apr 30, 2009
  • Pages: 640

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