the World is Full of Divorced Women - Jackie Collins

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The World Is Full Of Divorced Women

the World is Full of Divorced Women - Jackie Collins

What would you do if you found your husband in bed with your best friend?

For journalist Cleo James the best revenge is moving on, and she has the perfect assignment to throw in Mike’s face: a high profile piece that involves an in-depth, probing analysis of five of the world’s most eligible male movie stars. And why can’t she have a little fun while she’s at it…

Hot-shot music producer, Mike James, has an insatiable appetite but he isn’t willing to give up on the beautiful Cleo, so he flies to England to win her back…

Muffin is London’s hottest nude model, discovered in her teens by a photographer and now one of the UK’s biggest stars. Jon Clapton left his wife for Muffin and will do everything to keep her, and her spotlight. But their open relationship may cause more trouble than it is worth.

When the world is your bedroom, the opportunities are endless… but is there love to be had as well as pleasure?

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